• - will advise on a restoration and revitalization plan for Grange Park that will be green, strikingly beautiful, resilient, sustainable, accessible, interactive as well as providing a place for contemplation while welcoming all neighbours, residents and visitors to our community by utilizing design excellence, state of the art conservation techniques and outstanding works of art; and,
  • will advise on an on-going structure after the initial project to ensure that Grange Park is sustained at a consistently high level: well-tended, healthy lawns, shrubs and trees, gardens; well maintained park furniture and works of art; active program of recreational and community activities; and a safe environment especially for children, seniors and people with disabilities; pay tribute to the unique ethno-racial heritage in the community; utilize water features in park amenities.
  • ¬†will carry out its work in a transparent manner and to engage in regular dialogue with local residents and neighbours;
  • will develop a policy framework for the on-going operation and programs of Grange Park
  • will strive to achieve consensus in its decision making.


  • As the Institutional advocate for the Grange Park Project, the AGO will be financially and legally accountable for the project and:
    • - facilitate the work of the Grange Park Project Committee
    • - administer GPP funds including fundraising and the establishment of an endowment fund for on-going maintenance, and
    • - retain consultants and experts to implement the work program approved by the Grange Park Project Committee
    • - an AGO Trustee will co-chair the GPAC, in partnership with Councillor Adam Vaughan, will serve as the project liaison with the AGO Board and will be a spokesperson for the project.
  • As the political advocate for the Grange Park Project, Councillor Vaughan:
    • - will co-chair the work of the GPPC, in partnership with an AGO Trustee.
    • - will act as a spokesperson for the project
    • - will act as the project liaison with City Hall.
  • As community advocates, the neighbourhood representatives and at-large members will identify the public use needs for the park.