Grange Park Toronto Canada

Tree Strategy

As part of the Grange Park revitalization project, we want to ensure that future generations will continue to enjoy healthy, beautiful and mature trees.

At the end of the project, Grange Park will have more than 180 trees. The park currently has approximately 120 trees. A number of these trees are coming to the end of their life span; some are dying, diseased or in overall poor condition.

tree with damage
tree with damage
tree with damage

19 trees will be removed because of their poor condition; 3 trees will be removed to accommodate the new design.

More than 80 new trees will be planted to provide the park with a new generation of trees. Species will include American elm, horse chestnut, maple and oak, among others.

american-elmAmerican Elm
freeman-mapleFreeman Maple
horse-chestnutHorse Chestnut
red-oakRed Oak