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GPAC Meeting Minutes

GPAC Meeting Minutes from May 21, 2015

Grange Park Advisory Committee Meeting

Thursday, May 21, 2015, 3-5pm

Art Gallery of Ontario



Councillor Joe Cressy (Co-Chair), Ward 20

Ralph Daley, (Co-Chair) Grange Community Association

Rupert Duchesne, (Co-Chair) AGO

Max Allen, Grange Community Association

Bev Carret, AGO

Lisa Clements, AGO

Aisha Green, University Settlement

Brian Green, Toronto PFR

Sandy Ladouceur, AGO

Mike Mahoney, AGO

Minesh Mandoda, OCAD University

Pesha McKendry, Representative of social housing residents

Raymond Ngu, Ward 20 Office

Vanessa Nicholas, OCAD University

Katie Nikota, Toronto PFR

Pearl Quong, GCA

Ceta Ramkhalawansingh, GCA

Alex Shevchuk, Toronto PFR

Eric Stadnyk, Toronto PFR

Matthew Teitelbaum, AGO

Peter White, Toronto PFR

Raymond White, University Settlement

Margie Zeidler, UrbanSpace (member-at-large)



Mazyar Mortazavi, TAS Design Build (member-at-large)

Joan Heeler, St. George the Martyr Church




Approval of the Minutes of March 27

Minutes were approved with the following addition to the discussion regarding the proposed placement of Henry Moore’s Large Two Forms in Grange Park:

It was suggested that consideration also be given to placing a sculpture by a Canadian artist in Grange Park.


Business Arising from the Minutes


On March 31, City Council endorsed and approved the alterations to Grange Park as a heritage property, in accordance with the Ontario Heritage Act, in order to allow for the implementation of the revitalization project.  City Council approval came with following conditions:

GPAC expressed thanks to Joe for his stewardship in obtaining City Council’s endorsement and approval of the project and for his leadership in working with representatives from City Heritage, City Parks and GPAC to come to agreement on the recommendations concerning the heritage redesignation of The Grange and Grange Park.

Toronto Heritage and Parks staff have deferred providing comment on the proposed relocation of Henry Moore’s Large Two Forms in the park until they receive a formal proposal.  AGO will submit this after the community meeting on June 4.


Community meeting – June 4

It was confirmed that the community meeting will be split into two parts: the first half will be a project update, led by the three GPAC chairs; the second half will be a discussion about the DOLA, facilitated by Joe.

The project update for the community meeting will be the same presentation provided at the GPAC meeting on March 27.  The items to be presented were reviewed as follows:

The meeting discussed the types of quotations that would be appropriate and how they would be selected.  It was agreed that for the June 4 meeting, it would be presented as a general concept with no specific recommendations as to the choice of quotations.  The community will be welcome to put forward suggestions to GPAC for consideration.  Final selection of quotations will rest with the GPAC co-chairs, in consultation with GPAC members.

The meeting agreed to present the proposal to move Henry Moore’s Large Two Forms to Grange Park, showing 3-4 possible locations.

Contracts are scheduled to be awarded in September.  Pending the receipt of permits from the City, tree removal could happen in early winter 2015.  The commitment is to keep some portion of the park open to the public during the entire construction period. Final work would be completed spring 2017; official opening event planned for July 1, 2017.


Other Business

It was confirmed that discussions about the management model for Grange Park post-project will begin after the design finalized, contracts are awarded and the project underway.

The next GPAC meeting will be scheduled for July to debrief after the community meeting and discuss next steps.