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GPAC Meeting Minutes

GPAC Meeting Minutes from September 10, 2014

Grange Park Advisory Committee Meeting

Wednesday, September 10, 2014 – 3:00-4:30pm

Art Gallery of Ontario

317 Dundas Street West



Ralph Daley, (Co-Chair) Grange Community Association

Rupert Duchesne, (Co-Chair) AGO

Ceta Ramkhalawansingh, (Co-Chair) Ward 20 Councillor

Max Allen, Grange Community Association

Robin Buxton-Potts, Ward 20 Office

Bev Carret, AGO

Lisa Clements, AGO

Peter Couto, Grange Community Association

Brian Green, Toronto PFR

Mazyar Mortazavi, TAS Design Build (member-at-large)

Joan Heeler, St. George the Martyr Church

Sandy Ladouceur, AGO

Mike Mahoney, AGO

Pesha McKendry, Representative of social housing residents

Phyllis Platt, Grange Community Association

Alex Shevchuk, Toronto PFR

Matthew Teitelbaum, AGO

Margie Zeidler, UrbanSpace (member-at-large)



Ena D’Altroy, University Settlement

Miriam Kramer, OCAD U


Summary of Discussion



Rupert welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order.


Approval of the minutes of August 8, 2014

Ralph asked for any corrections or additions to the minutes.  Ceta asked for the section “Business Arising – Grange Park Funding Agreement” to be amended as follows:

Ceta indicated that she has not had time to fully review the funding agreement between the City and the AGO for the $5M for the Grange Park revitalization capital project. She wants to meet further with PFR staff about this.  Her general observation is that the agreement does not accurately represent the Government Management Committee’s decision re community management of Grange Park.  In her estimation, GPAC is not necessarily a community management structure, as it was set up as a committee of the AGO Board; in addition, one-third of the current membership of GPAC consists of local residents.  Secondly, the agreement appendix on communications protocol does not provide for community involvement. 

Mike clarified that the agreement deals solely with the terms of the $5M in capital funding from the City for the revitalization project.  Mike also noted that the agreement was being amended to acknowledge the involvement of GPAC in the communications protocol.

Minutes were approved with these amendments and clarifications.


Business arising from the minutes


Dog Off-Leash Area update

Ceta confirmed that City Parks did not approve the request of the Grange Park Dog Owners Association for a DOLA in the south-west corner of Grange Park. There is no appeal process; the only remaining option is for the Ward 20 Councillor to put forward a member’s motion to City Council overriding staff recommendations. The meeting agreed to approach the incoming Ward 20 Councillor with this issue after the municipal election in October. Mike advised that waiting for a decision regarding the DOLA will not delay the progress of the overall project.


Project Update

Mike showed the design development of the south-east corner, which connects Grange Park to Butterfield Park. Washrooms, a maintenance building and a below grade mechanical room will be located in this zone. The existing field house will be removed. Discussions are ongoing with OCAD U to remove the brick wall between Grange Park and OCAD U property.

The meeting also requested an update on the design development for the northwest corner of the park.

Regarding the project timeline, Mike advised that the project is moving through City approvals, which involves approximately 16 different departments. The project will need to receive the full support and approval of the City in order to trigger the capital funding. If the project receives the necessary City department approvals and permits issued for tree removal, some early work may begin in early winter, after the first heavy frost, on trees slated for removal. The substantive work is anticipated to begin in spring 2015.

A high priority is sustaining an excellent level of maintenance for the park post-project. A number of discussions with City Parks involve the selection of trees, equipment and materials that deliver a high level of design as well as a high level of sustainability.


Communications with the community

September 15 had been held as a date in GPAC members calendars for a community meeting to discuss the proposed DOLA in more detail and provide an update on construction activity. Since the DOLA is on hold until after the municipal election, and since construction activity will now start in the spring, the meeting agreed there isn’t sufficient substance to warrant a community meeting. Instead, the a project update will be sent via email to members of the local community and an information flyer in English and Chinese distributed to homes in the neighbourhood.


Next Steps

The meeting agreed that the next GPAC meeting should take place after the municipal election, unless an important issue arises in the meantime.