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GPAC Meeting Minutes

GPAC Meeting Minutes from June 6, 2014

Grange Park Advisory Committee Meeting

Friday, June 6, 2014 3:30-5:00pm

Art Gallery of Ontario


Ralph Daley, (Co-Chair) Grange Community Association
Rupert Duchesne, (Co-Chair) AGO

Max Allen, Grange Community Association

Bev Carret, AGO
Lisa Clements, AGO
Joan Heeler, St. George the Martyr Church

Rebecca Keenan, Ward 20 Office

Miriam Kramer, OCAD U

Mike Mahoney, AGO
Pesha McKendry, Representative of social housing residents

Phyllis Platt, Grange Community Association

Pearl Quong, Grange Community Association
Ceta Ramkhalawansingh, Grange Community Association
Nick Schefter, Grange Community Association

Matthew Teitelbaum, AGO

Ena D’Altroy, University Settlement

Brian Green, Toronto PFR
Ken Greenberg, AGO Consultant
Mazyar Mortazavi, TAS DesignBuild (member-at-large)
Alex Shevchuk, Toronto PFR
Margie Zeidler, UrbanSpace (member-at-large)



Rupert welcomed Ralph to his first official meeting as co-chair. Ralph welcomed Joan Heeler as the new rep for St. George the Martyr Church.


Approval of the minutes of the May 22 meeting:

Ralph advised that Ceta had requested via email an amendment to the item “GPAC Membership”.  The minutes were approved with the caveat that this change be included.  The following rewording was subsequently proposed by Ralph:

It was suggested that GPAC’s organizational members continue the tradition of endeavouring to select representatives who reside in the neighbourhood, noting that the current GPAC membership included less than 30% local residents.  Rupert clarified that the organizational members select their representatives first and foremost for their ability to convey the organizations needs and interests at the GPAC table.  If the representative is also a local resident, this will be an additional attribute.


Dog run

Mike presented the design concept developed by PFS for a potential dog run.  The fenced area would run along the south west side of the park, encompassing 700 square metres.  Max also tabled he white paper he had prepared regarding a dog run. GPAC members then presented their views. (The pros, cons and questions raised in the discussion are summarized on the attached chart.)

Ralph shared information about New York’s experience with off leash dog areas in their park system, combined in some cases with allowance of dogs off-leash in the greater park area during early morning and late evening.  Long term statistics showed a dramatic decrease in dog bites and also a decrease in crime in the parks.  It was noted that GPAC would need to consult with the City Parks, Forestry and Recreation Department to see if this type of hybrid arrangement would be feasible.

Rupert urged that GPAC make a final binary, yes-no decision on the inclusion of an off leash dog area in the Grange Park design at its next meeting on June 26, in order for the revitalization project to keep moving forward. All participants should come prepared to make an informed decision based on available evidence.


Next steps: