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GPAC Meeting Minutes

GPAC Meeting Minutes from May 22, 2014

Grange Park Advisory Committee Meeting

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Art Gallery of Ontario


Rupert Duchesne, Co-Chair, AGO Vice-President

John Burns, St. George the Martyr Church
Bev Carret, AGO
Lisa Clements, AGO
Ralph Daley, Grange Community Association
Ena D’Altroy, University Settlement

Brian Green, Toronto PFR
Ken Greenberg, AGO Consultant
Rebecca Keenan, Ward 20 Office

Miriam Kramer, OCAD U

Mike Mahoney, AGO
Pesha McKendry, Representative of social housing residents

Mazyar Mortazavi, TAS DesignBuild (member-at-large)
Pearl Quong, Grange Community Association
Ceta Ramkhalawansingh, Grange Community Association
Alex Shevchuk, Toronto PFR
Matthew Teitelbaum, AGO
Margie Zeidler, UrbanSpace (member-at-large)


Simon Bell, St. George the Martyr Church


Summary of Discussion:


GPAC Membership

Rupert announced some changes in GPAC membership:

It was suggested that GPAC organization members endeavour to select representatives who reside in the neighbourhood. Rupert clarified that the organization members must select their representatives first and foremost for their ability to convey the organization’s needs and interests at the GPAC table.  If the representative is also a local resident, this will be an additional attribute.

Rupert also welcomed to the meeting Rebecca Keenan from the Ward 20 office.

Rupert confirmed that Adam Vaughan has stepped down as co-chair and member of GPAC following his resignation as Councillor of Ward 20.


Fact Sheet

A fact sheet was distributed to GPAC members comprising summary statements and background documents on the following issues:


In reviewing the fact sheet, the following modifications were noted:

These modifications will be made to the fact sheet. GPAC members were asked to flag any other changes by email to Bev.

It was agreed that the funding agreement between the AGO and the City of Toronto for the $5,092,034 allocated for the Grange Park revitalization project will be reviewed by the GPAC co-chairs and one other GPAC member prior to the AGO signing it.  It was clarified that this funding agreement has no impact on the existing 1911 agreement between the City and the AGO regarding Grange Park.

It was noted that the AGO’s application to seek a variance to the 1989 Development Agreement between the AGO and the City of Toronto regarding use of its south entrance will include an assessment by the City of its impact on the park.


GPAC Co-Chair

Rupert expressed his appreciation of Adam Vaughan’s role as GPAC co-chair since the creation of the committee in 2008.  It was agreed that Adam should be invited to become an honorary member of GPAC.

Since the project is in a very time sensitive phase of design development, Rupert recommended that the co-chair position be filled from the GPAC membership on an acting basis until an interim Ward 20 councillor is appointed.  Discussion ensued considering the possibility of approaching another City Councillor to fill the co-chair vacancy on an interim basis. The Committee agreed that the interim co-chair should be a GPAC member to maintain momentum for the project.  Ceta nominated Ralph Daley to be interim GPAC co-chair; seconded by Pesha McKendry.  The meeting approved by consensus the appointment of Ralph Daley as interim co-chair.

Rupert noted that GPAC’s strength is its strategic alliance among the neighbourhood, the City of Toronto and the AGO.  He suggested that GPAC consider adding a third co-chair to represent each of the three constituencies.  The meeting agreed to consider this leadership approach when the interim Ward 20 Councillor is appointed.


Approval of the minutes of April 17, 2014

Minutes were approved; no business arising.


Community feedback to design concept

Rupert asked for comments on the community feedback received to the proposed design concept for Grange Park.  It was noted the most frequently raised issue was the request to add a dog run to the design.


Dog Run proposal 

Mike confirmed that PFS is considering options to incorporate a dog run into the park design.  A proposal submitted by Ralph on behalf of some local residents suggested a dog run for large dogs along the south edge of the park bordering 50 Stephanie; and a second dog run for small dogs along the west side of the John Street promenade. While a dog run along the promenade would adversely affect the look of this major arrival point into the park, a dog run could be accommodated in the area just north of 50 Stephanie.  A number of considerations are being assessed by PFS and the arborist, including:

The following factors were discussed:

It was noted that neighbourhood pressure to include a dog run in Grange Park will be alleviated if a dog run is incorporated into one of the new parks planned south of Queen Street.

It was agreed to defer a decision until the next meeting.  In the meantime, information will continue to be gathered about viable sizes for dog runs and impact on the trees.

It was agreed that the next meeting would take place in early June.


Next GPAC meeting will take place on Friday, June 6, 2014 – 3:30-5:00 pm, at the AGO.